Good Hope Niobium Property

The Good Hope Carbonatite Property consists of a total of 19 claims, 263 claim units and 4208 hectares in Killala Lake Area and Cairngorm Lake Area Townships, northwest of Marathon, Ontario. The Good Hope Carbonatite Property is located approximately 45 kilometers northwest of Marathon and 28 km north of Highway 17. The property is readily accessible from Trans-Canada Highway 17 and Dead Horse Road. The Property is also in close proximity to the Hemlo gold mining camp.

The regional geology around the Good Hope Property consists of alkaline and carbonatite intrusions formed during Midcontinental rifting within the Trans-Superior Tectonic zone (Figure 1). The Good Hope Property forms a doughnut around the Prairie Lake Complex. The Prairie Lake Complex is composed of carbonatite, ijolite and potassic nepheline syenite. The most common rock types on the Good Hope Property are carbonatite, syenite breccia and ijolite. The Good Hope Property hosts Niobium mineralization in pyrochlore. The Niobium mineralization differs from that in Prairie Lake complex in that it is low in Th and U contents.


The discovery of Niobium mineralization at Good Hope was made by Rudy Wahl in 2010 when he identified 1.63 % Nb2O5 in a small outcrop on site #28 (Figure 2). In 2014, he followed up with mapping and prospecting in 5 pits that he dug in the area. Subsequent exploration work on the property includes: grab sampling, channel sampling, trenching, ground radiometrics survey, airborne magnetic - radiometrics surveys and mineralogical studies. Mineralogical studies completed in 2014 by Professor Roger H. Mitchell on samples from site #28 shows that the pyrochlore minerals are ThO2-free and contain very low UO3 so radionuclide problems are low for future extraction. Two drill holes were completed in 2016 for a total of 280.7 m on an airborne radiometric anomaly near the discovery site #28. The assay highlights for drill hole PL-01 include 0.45 % Nb2O5 over 1.0 m and 6.25 % P2O5 over 1.0 m. The assay highlights for drill hole PL-02 include 0.34 % Nb2O5 over 1.0 m and 5.81 % P2O5 over 1.0 m.  The Niobium mineralization in drill core is associated with carbonatite and syenite carbonatite breccia.

Marathon Figure 2 Pit #1 is Rudy Wahl’s Discovery Pit